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Our Facilities/Features at a Glance

• Beautiful and Conducive Learning Environment
• Specious, Beautiful and Well Ventilated Classrooms
• Science Laboratory for Practical’s
• Well Stocked Library
• Vibrant Educational Clubs and Societies
• Nationwide Educational Trips
• Standard Sport Facilities
• Transport Services
• Qualified Teaching and God Fearing Staff
• Well Balanced Curriculum
• International Study Opportunities
• Boarding Facilities for both Male and Female, Pupils and Students
• CCTV Security System
• Internet Services
• 100% Credit Performance in Primary 6 BECB, WACE and NECO Exams
• Intensive Vocational Training Programmes
• 3 Installments Family Friendly School Fees Payment Protocol

Onoriede International School Ughelli Boarding House Is Well Furnished Than Some Home

This is to inform the general public, particularly all parents and guardians that Onoriede International School Ughelli operates a boarding house facility for students with the aim of bringing back the lost glory of the boarding house system in our schools and restoring the lost values in our educational system.

It has been conclusively observed over the years that day students are exposed to the dangers of gross indiscipline, academic restlessness, digression and youthful recession than their counterparts in the boarding school. Allowing students to stay as day students has brought a lot of moral decadence and exposed them to various crimes and vices such as cultism, robbery, examination malpractice, sexual immorality and various kinds of unhealthy behavours such as truancy, lack of focus, defaulting in school assignments, speaking in foul language, etc.

Irrespective of what you think might be the benefits of day system, it is minute compared to the damages it has cause to the upbringing and progress of children generally.

Students of Onoriede International School boarding house are exposed to a high level of discipline, good accommodation and proper co-ordination by the house matrons to become well-cultured, well balanced, self disciplined, self dependent, self confident and trustworthy.

If you remember the quality of graduates from boarding schools especially in the olden days you find out that most parents and guardians were able to get the desired results in the education of their children and wards then. Nowadays most students graduating from secondary schools and even tertiary institutions without boarding facilities are not employable. They are unstable, and cannot contribute maximally to the development of the economy of the nation because they acquired certificates through corruption and malpractice as a result of a faulty educational system.

Onoriede International School boarding house Ughelli is a state of the art hostel located in a serene and conducive environment. There is adequate security arrangement for the safety of boarders. There is an always alternative source of power supply in the event of power outage.

There is a wakeup call as early as 5:30am to enable students to participate in Christian fellowship for spiritual and moral soundness. There is a clinic with qualified and experienced nurses to take care of any student with any health challenge.

Extracurricular activities such as sports, debating and literary clubs etc are compulsory. Prep and siesta are compulsory activities. There is access to ICT for assignments. The house masters and matrons are adequately quartered to make them happy in carrying out their duties.

Our boarders are taken care of in a loving and satisfactory manner. They are well fed on balanced diet planned by qualified nutritionists, with the food prepared and served by experienced and qualified cooks.

All parents are please advised, for the sake of the future of our children to return their children and wards back to boarding house for maximum performance and guaranteed outcome; and the best and affordable boarding facility to patronize is Onoriede International School Boarding House Ughelli a place that every child will love to be-it is just more than a home.

Scholarship Awards and Prizes

It is the tradition in Onoriede International Schools to encourage healthy competition and hard work among the students in all classes. Thus the Col, O. ONORIEDE FOUNDATION awards scholarship to any student who excels in his/her class at the end of all termly examination. Prizes are also given to overall best students in the various subjects at the end of every session to promote hard work and excellence.